Poet Ink. Is a comic strip created in 1995 by David Smith.

Poet Ink. is about the day to day lives of two eight year old "twin" brothers named Frank & Dave Poet.
They run a "deli stand" as opposed to the classic "lemonade stand" that other kids their age would have.
They don't get much business, but they don't let that phase them. Frank is always trying out and inventing
new things for the deli in an attempt to drum up business. Of course these inventions always fail and Dave
almost always ends up getting caught in the crossfire of these inventions his brother cooks up.
When they're not working at the deli, they're just busy being kids. They have a couple of friends:
Proboscis Shnozzle, & Greezy Gristle. Their biggest rival is a bully named "Lug".
Lug's passion in life is to torment Frank and Dave as often as possible for his own devious amusement.
Frank often tries his best to stand up to Lug, (but too often ends up knocked down in the end).





       12/25/2012: New comic posted!