~Biography of David Smith~
~History of Poet Ink.~

I was born and raised in Paterson New Jersey on November 20, 1970
While growing up, I became very interested in the world that Charles M Schulz created in the comic strip Peanuts. It's hard to explain exactly what it was about Peanuts other than the humor itself that appealed to me so much, but all I knew as I grew older was that I'd love to someday make my own comic strip and make the world laugh and be happy as Charles Schulz had done. 

So, when the time felt right for me (which to be exact was back in 1995), I decided to take a crack at making my own strip. At first I did a different version of Poet Ink. with the characters drawn as adults, and sent this version out to a circuit of newspaper syndicates, but it was turned down by all of them. After taking some time to try and re-think where to go with Poet Ink. my older brother suggested that I make the characters 8 year old kids (which is the current version you see on this site).
When I finally got onto the Internet in 1999, I decided to self publish Poet Ink. and literally share it with the world. 

I had been doing it for 5 years on the web, and even had my strip published in a free weekly local newspaper located in Arcadia Florida for a short time. Until one day, the pay web host I was using had what I refer to as a "virtual heart attack". As a result of this,
I ended up loosing 5 years of work that came to nearly 200 comic strips to which I had no backups.
So, after taking a sabbatical for a couple of years, I decided to resurrect 
Poet Ink.

I'm also a huge fan of the old time classic slapstick comedy films of The Marx Brothers, W.C. Fields, Laurel & Hardy,
and The 3 Stooges. 
This is why I do slapstick style humor in Poet Ink.

I'm currently living in Clifton New Jersey with my older brother.
Unfortunately, both of our parents have passed away.
Aside from reading, working, and drawing my comic strip, I like playing and listening to music. I enjoy a wide range of music, but The Beatles are number 1 on my list of favorites. 




       12/25/2012: New comic posted!